Jenny Hardman is available for seminars, conferences and events as a speaker, but be warned: Jenny doesn’t sugar the pill!

Her honest and humble approach to the business world, and her unique take on life and will see tears as well as laughter with the audience, but you are guaranteed to be blown away by Jenny’s passion for success and her willingness to survive.

Her story oversees a lifetime of abuse, overcoming illness – both physical and mental, and documents her daily battle to survive against the odds to be the figurehead of a hugely successful business network, and a mentor and inspiration to many.

Jenny is co-founder of ‘Hardman McNeal’ a business support partnership who inspire small businesses to grow, as well as encouraging the personal development of the business owners themselves.

Coupling her no-nonsense approach with her famously wacky sense of humour and unique personal style, and with outstanding reviews from clients and awards bestowed by local authorities and industry leaders, Jenny is a force to be reckoned with.

The secret to her success? “That it isn’t what happens to us in life, it’s simply how we react.”

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