The Story Behind Hardman McNeal

We’re Cate McNeal and Jenny Hardman.
We chose to go our own way, in our own way.
And we’d like to take you with us.

Just like you, we’ve experienced the ups and downs that life can bring.
We’ve been through the heartache, the loss and the grief. We’ve experienced great love, success and passion. By telling you our story we hope to inspire you to want more, to know in your heart that you deserve it, and most importantly, to give you the confidence to make it happen.

That your past does not determine your future and that YOU have the power to change your life.

Cate McNeal

I was due to return to work after having my daughter when my maternity leave was over, unexpectedly my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer. I decided to resign from my job and become her full-time carer. We didn’t have long, my mum died just three months later when my daughter was just a year old.

The shock of her death was such a blow to my dad, that his dementia accelerated, I then became a full time carer for him. My dad passed away twelve months after my mum.

I decided there and then that I wouldn’t sacrifice the quality of life with my family and be suck in a job I hated. I had the brains and the drive, so I was going to go it alone.

Jenn Hardman

I did not have the rosiest upbringing, and have been affected by PTSD and severe anxiety, as well as suffering two lots of domestic violence. I moved to a new area to start again. A new beginning was what I needed, and this time I was going to make it count.

However, finding childcare for five children is nearly impossible with any normal employed position, and I knew that to make the best life possible for myself and my family, I needed to work for myself, be free to make my own decisions, and to be in charge of my own destiny.

So, just like you, we knew we were meant for more than just working 9-5 chained to a desk making money for someone else.

We’ve had our share of soul destroying jobs and lived the corporate lifestyle to fill the gaps and pay the rent.

We knew what we needed to do, we just needed to do it!

We then ran our own businesses, being involved in things as diverse as theatre production and landscape gardening.

Whilst running our own businesses and raising our children, we started to lose motivation. We lacked the feeling of camaraderie and belonging that being in employment can provide, and we began to lose our way. We made bad decisions and poor choices which impacted on our confidence and self worth. We had no real goals or direction and found ourselves free-falling.

Even though we were working for ourselves, there was still something missing.

Have you felt – or are you currently feeling – this way?

In 2015, we met though launching a local online networking group, intended to give business owners just like us a place to connect and through that group we found our tribe.

This was the move that decided the rest of our lives to date.

In just twelve months, we had a following of over a thousand local business owners, who we related to and could relate to us right back.

These were the people who felt alone in business, who believed they were too small to matter, too inexperienced to have an opinion, to insignificant to make a difference.

They had experienced hardships, depression, redundancies and despair, but together we made each other stronger, supported and empowered.

We found our great passion in life was to support others on their journeys, to help them grow and to celebrate their victories with them. We feel honoured every day that people want us to walk their paths with them.  

We realised what we were meant to be doing all along.

By January 2017 we had formed Hardman McNeal, a partnership that fills the gap in the market of supporting the very small and very new businesses which struggle to find affordable and accessible help elsewhere. Yes, we coach and mentor, but we also educate, connect and integrate people.  

We created our ideal work-life and now we help other people to do the same.

We show people who are struggling to grow their businesses the right ways to get ahead, by working on their goals, helping them achieve their dreams, showing them how to do the things they’re afraid to admit they don’t already know. 

We want them to have the freedom that we have; the freedom to do what they love and not be afraid to charge what they are worth.

Are you ready to realise your potential?

Are you ready to truly value yourself and your time?

There are steps you can take RIGHT NOW to change your life. Not tomorrow, NOW!

Let’s work together to improve your knowledge and super charge your business